Lord, thank You for making me part of You

Saturday July 3 2021
Feast of St Thomas, Apostle
Eph. 2:19-22; Ps. 116:1,2;
Jn. 20:24-29   (Ps Wk I)   (Ps Wk I)

With Christ, there are no ‘outsiders’. Whoever professes Christ as their Lord and God are specially linked to him. This seems to be the key message in the readings.

In the first reading, Gentile Christians are reminded that they are no longer strangers by virtue of their relationship with Christ regardless of their cultural or social standing. Instead, they are fellow citizens of the Church together with Jewish Christians. Both have equal rights and are full members of God’s family.

The image of a building indicates the unity that exists between Gentiles and Jews in the Church. They form part of the structure, which has its foundation on the apostles and prophets, where Christ is the capstone. The whole building, having been fit together in Christ, grows into a holy temple, where God dwells in the Spirit.

The idea that there are no ‘outsiders’ in Christ can also be seen in the Gospel passage. Although he was an apostle, Thomas was an ‘outsider’ because he did not experience what the rest of the apostles did. That is the appearance of the Risen Christ. Yet, Jesus did not ‘exclude’ Thomas.

When Thomas asked for proof that Jesus has risen, Jesus himself did not deny Thomas the evidence he was seeking. Perhaps we may think or feel we are the ‘outsiders’ in Church compared to others we deem holier or more involved. To Jesus, no one is excluded. By virtue of baptism, Jesus makes us one with him and with the rest of the Church. We are never alone!

Lord, thank You for making me part of You.

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